Cloudie TV delivers your content to viewers across these ott platforms and connected tv services; Kapang, Pluto TV, Xumo TV, Samsung Plus, Tubi. Also, it will deliver a private website experience called “eye player” using your own web address. Eye player can be seen on Only Motors TV for both linear and VOD. Cloudie TV provides Server-side ad insertion dynamically trading advertisement breaks using our partners at Revenue Stream.

Kapang requires no setup fee, zero revenue share, fixed cost from $0.06/hour and simple 48-hour onboarding.

The Cloudie TV Team can add your channel to all of the other OTT and Connected TV platforms. Unlike with Kapang, you will need to contract a revenue share deal of upto 50% depending on their analysis of your channel.

Cloudie TV works with specialist Audstat to provide accurate audience measurement and reporting. This allows advertisers to efficiently position adverts and understand the demographic of each television channel.