Cloudie TV Playout

$1,770.00 per month
GPU powered private cloud based broadcast playout service
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Product Details
Units in product: 1 Channel
Monthly Price: Fixed cost

Cloudie TV playout has four options from subsidised playout to fully managed by the Cloudie TV team. All channels includes 1,000 viewing hours are delivered to all platforms for a set fee of $0.05/hour & storage at $0.05/Gb with no connector or integration fees. All special requirements for platforms will be covered by the platform business not the channel owner.

All channels are delivered onto Kapang USA and Kapang UK without any further costs with an 80/20 revenue share for all Cloudie TV clients.

What service levels are available?

1 – Subsidised Playout

A subsidised playout service is subject to the channel being sponsored by one of our partners in exchange for a discounted self-service playout. All subsidised channels are delivered within a shared cloud environment.

2 - Self-service Playout

Self service playout allows channel owners to directly schedule & control the channel content schedule via our web-browser based dashboard to upload content, add and check ad break data, metadata, graphics and drag and drop the required schedule the channels for instant viewing in the interface and downstream distribution to all platforms.

3 – Mentored Playout (Schedulers supported by Cloudie Team with full pre-broadcast checks)

Mentored playout is similar to a self-service playout service but the cloudie team proactively check the schedule& content before broadcast, making corrections, training the user and aiding with any issues whilst 247 monitoring the performance and adding or removing data to maximise the monetisation of your channel.

4 – Managed Playout (No playout staff required)

Managed playout provides you with a dedicated team of media engineers and schedulers who can take your channel EPG to fully deliver the channel from formatted content & brand guidelines without any in-house resources from your content or channel business.

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